National Radon Defense
Learn more about The Property Medics' recent work requests in Salt Lake City, UT
Vicinity of Westmoreland Dr. in Salt Lake City
We would like our basement tested for Radon.
Vicinity of Gurene Drive in Salt Lake City
Would like to get a rough estimate for radon mitigation.
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
I have done 2 radon tests in my condo, one in March, 2015, and another in July, 2015. Both showed that my radon level is 4.0 pCi/L or above. I feel that I need to investigate having radon mitigation.
Vicinity of Denver St in Salt Lake City
Cold floors above crawl space.
Vicinity of East in Salt Lake City
Old paint fume smell and allergens...
Vicinity of S Preston St in Salt Lake City
Out long term radon test showed levels at 3.3 so we'd like a quote for a mitigation system. Can you give us a quote on Friday? Please email.
Vicinity of Meadow Leaf Ct in Salt Lake City
Radon gas measure 6 in the house we want to sell
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
Interested in getting insulation blown in to attic
Vicinity of Parkway Avenue in Salt Lake City
I need a general idea of the cost of insulation per sf. R-38 blown in cellulose or fiberglass in the attic R-19 wet cellulose in the walls R-32 batting between floor joists Thank you.
Vicinity of Lakeside Dr. in Salt Lake City
Small crawl space room has moisture and mold growing in it
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
I need two doors replaced.The side door and back door. Both doors seem to allow air to leave the home. Also mice seem to be coming inside from either door. I need someone to come out and replace the doors with new ones and also install whatever I need to keep air from escaping. I do not have the measurements for the doors. I was wondering if you guys come out and do that or if I need to measure before I have you guys come out.
Vicinity of Illinois in Salt Lake City
We would like to seal our crawlspace
Vicinity of S West Temple in Salt Lake City
I just purchased a home and was told by the inspector that it needs more insulation in the attic.
Vicinity of S Honeycut Rd in Salt Lake City
We recently moved from a much larger home to a condo and our bill is more in our 2600 sq ft condo than it was in our 4600 sq ft home with a detached 2500 sq ft garage. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this.
Vicinity of E. Iverson Woods Pl in Salt Lake City
Lots of cold air around windows in the winter. Will caulking help?
Vicinity of L Street in Salt Lake City
We just bought and moved into an older home in the avenues. The home inspector told us the ceiling insulation was sparse. We'd like a quote to add insulation to the ceiling. Please call or email me to schedule a time to come.
Vicinity of Clover Meadow Drive in Salt Lake City
Energy checkup
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
My attic has no insulation or vents. I need an estimate on having this work done asap.