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We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized National Radon Defense dealer in Salt Lake City, UT.

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Work Requests From Salt Lake City, UT
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
I would like to know the Radon levels and if it is a problem.
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
Install of new system
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
Hello. Looking for a quote on a radon mitigation system. 1600 sq/ft home with 600 sq/ft in partially finished basement. Thanks.
Vicinity of E Hyland Lake Dr in Salt Lake City
I want an electronic air cleaner that cleans to .3 microns. I am having trouble finding someone who can recommend a machine and install it. Everyone keeps bring me the REME Halo, I want particulates from Utash bad air filtered out.
Vicinity of East First Ave in Salt Lake City
We just moved into the Brigham apartment in SLC. However, the apartment looks being just re-modeled and there is some pungent smell. We have a 6 months baby and we are worried that there are some harmful materials, such as too much Formaldehyde, that could hurt baby's health. That's what we want to evaluate and test.
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
Wish to know the air quality in the basement (bedrooms)
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
Need to get radon system in. 9.2 level
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
Test came back high (8.8). We have slab and crawl space. Would like to know our options.
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
I have a 2,100 square foot house (basement and 1st floor) with no crawl space and was built in 1953. I have a radon test of 8 and I am looking to get a radon system installed. Will you please provide a quote to my email. Please do not contact my phone.
Vicinity of E. Logan Avenue in Salt Lake City
Radon system estimate for basement. Not really high level but above average. Test came out to 5.6
Vicinity of Kings Row Dr in Salt Lake City
Small area of mold found in basement laundry room. Home is being sold, need estimate to mitigate mold.
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
I just moved into my home on August 5th. I'm noticing that there is a musty smell which I am guessing is the crawlspace. The home was built in 1954. The entry to the crawlspace is outside and you jump down into the entryway--it is currently covered by an old piece of wood and a screen door. It does has vent grating on the south side of the house but it is broken and the slope of the ground on that side of the house is possibly directing snow melt into the crawlspace in the Spring.I highly doubt the space has ever actually flooded based upon my experience of being in that space and of examining the appliances in the space (like the furnace, parts of which do touch the floor in the crawlspace and have zero water damage). I think there was once a crawlspace access from inside the house, but it appears to have been covered up. I don't know for sure. I would like to look at the possibility of re-opening that access if it is there. I'm currently just getting bids and I'm not ready to commit to a contractor. The total square footage of my home is 1139 but not all of that is over the crawl space; I estimate about 1050 is over the crawlspace. I have spoken with multiple of my neighbors who have not indicated that they have needed a sump pump, even when directly asked, and most of them have lived in the neighborhood since the houses were built in the 50s. Thank you in advance and I look forward to speaking with you soon. If you have an appointment available this Thursday, September 1st, early in the day (the morning) that would be perfect.
Vicinity of La Dore Dr. in Salt Lake City
A kitchen drain pipe was punchured when a plumber snaked through the roof. I did not find it for 5 months. The furnace has always been a peice of junk and the ductwork was contaminated (so I am assuming the whole furnace was contaminated). There were electric wires hanging down in the water. I am having a hard time drying out the crawal space, need new electical, new furace with ductwork, and I don't even know if there are any contaminants floating around the house. I just need help ASAP. Please call me.
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
Odor from basement crawlspace. I don't see how any water could be there so I think it is just dirt.
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
Hot attic, AC cannot cool down fast enough
Vicinity of S. Megan Cir. in Salt Lake City
Radon test done couple days ago and the results came at 4.1 pCi/l
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
Looking so to add a vapor barrier to crawlspace
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
Seal old crawl space
Vicinity of in Salt Lake City
Something in my home is making my husband and particularly me, ill. After much looking in to, we suspect radon.
Vicinity of Carrigan Canyon Dr. in Salt Lake City
Our home is about 25 year old and we are wondering if there is enough insulation in the attic.
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